To whom it may concern,

My family had the good fortune to have Prince as the swim instructor for our 5 year old daughter, in the summer of 2016. Prince demonstrated exceptional character in his role as a swim instructor.

I am a former teacher, and my wife is a current teacher, so we understand the skills needed when working with children as well as the difficulties. Prince did an excellent job at instructing the children, keeping their attention, as well as always keeping their safety as the primary concern. There were several moments that could have been rather frustrating to most people, but Prince worked through them very delicately and took control.

Prince clearly has great skills in dealing with young children as well as adults (their parents). Based on what I have observed, he is great at early education as well as customer service.

Josh Bray

To whom it may concern,

My daughter just recently finished tadpole/frog class with Daniel Cruz. I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with his professionalism, teaching ability and him making my daughter feel very comfortable with all the swim activities. I will for sure be signing up in January’s class with him!
Best Regards,

Rachel Sanders

Expedia Local Expert, Concierge | Florida Dolphin Tours | Orlando

Excellent place to teach your son to swim. Daniel Cruz was our trainer and his dedication for the kids was so great that we decided to continue with him for the next level. Thanks you!

Dear Sirs,

we have completed our first session as minnow advance with Daniel Cruz and would like to say thank you that was a great experience! The only thing we would like to request is a little longer sessions, like 45 minutes, as it takes 15 minutes for kids to warm up. С уважением,Татьяна.
Best regards,


Both my kids enjoyed the 8-week session with Mr Daniel at Celebration Health Center this summer. He is such a patient and skilled instructor that my kids eventually overcame the fear of back floating and jumping into the water. Unlike other adventurous kids, my 3 and 5-year-old had always been having a hard time getting their heads and ears in the water, but now they truly enjoy swimming! We really appreciate Mr Daniel’s effort and are looking forward to new sessions with him in the future.
Sarah Chiu

We completed the first swimming lessons with our 2 year old toddler. It was a great experience and exceeded my expectations. It was hard for her the first couple of classes but thanks to the help of her instructor Mr Daniel Cruz by the fourth class she was doing great and going underwater. He was able to gain her trust and with his patience and great skills she learned sooo much and loves water! Thanks so much Mr Daniel. Looking forward for the next courses.
Jessica Gutierrez

We just finished our first swim lessons with Daniel Cruz in Celebration! When we first started, my two and a half year old had no experience with swimming, at the end of the class, she was comfortable in the pool. She is able to blow bubbles, swim to the side of the pool, float on back, kick and able to go under water for 7 seconds! It wasn’t easy for her the first few lessons but Daniel was gracious and patient with her (and me!) as this was a completely new experience for both of us. So thankful for the lessons and I’m so much more comfortable with her being around a pool. Thank you!
Traci Heinsch

My 3 year old did not know how to swim and had only been in a pool a few times. By the end of the first session she was swimming! Daniel Cruz was very patient with her even though she was afraid of the water at first. He earned her trust and she progressed very quickly. I signed her up for 2 more consecutive sessions and am happy to say she is now able to swim across the swimming pool by herself and is also able to float on her own and she is still only 3 years old. The swim lessons have been invaluable. She is now confident in water and begging for more lessons. Thanks to Mr. Daniel.
Viviana Vazquez

You are an excellent swimming teacher, you have much tact with children and so my daughter loves you, success always! Thanks for everything!
Heidy Crespo

At any rate, It was an extremely pleasurable experience having my son take lessons with Mr Hunter. He was very patient and has made my son much more comfortable with the water. My son is afraid of EVERYTHING but Mr. Hunter was able to put him at ease and learn to have fun in the water. In just two sessions my son went from not knowing how to swim at all to a FISH!!! Kudos to Mr. Hunter and Sharks and Minnows. I just wish I had learned out your school earlier. My son can’t wait til next summer to take more lessons.
Elecia Thompson

This was our second session with Sharks and Minnows. Last summer, my boys were enrolled in the minnow class. They had such a good time we enrolled them again in a more advance class this summer. My boys perfected their technique and learned the backstroke. Their instructor, Daniel Cruz, was excellent. He was very professional and great with the boys. It was a positive experience overall. Thanks!
Jessica McNeill

We had a lot of fun in our Tadpole class, our daughter Alaina couldn’t get enough of it. Our instructor, Daniel Cruz, did awesome with all of the kids (and parents). All of the techniques were shown with each baby, it was a nice small class size. By the end of our classes Alaina could hold her breath for 7 seconds (and I held mine too 😉 I’m excited to keep practicing with her at home and look forward to the next class up! Thanks!
Stephanie Coulling

I want to praise Daniel Cruz who shows patience and swimming techniques to my daughter Mikayla. Mikayla enjoys swimming so much, that she wants to continue to next level and wanted only to have Daniel as an instructor. I definitely will suggest your establishment to others who are interested sending their child for swimming lessons. It is a privilege to have Daniel on the staff roster as a swimming instructor. Thank you very much.
Amy Sheng

We wanted to thank Danielle and Beth for their coaching and patience. It has paid off. We are very happy with the progress the children have made and we feel Sharks and Minnows contributed to it.
The Garrows: Oviedo

My daughter is a pretty shy little girl and Ms. Helen just brought her to a whole new level of confidence and achievement. I would like to express my family’s sincerest gratitude to Ms. Helen. She is fabulous!!!
Rhonda Cypherd: Apoka

My four-year-old daughter took swimming lessons for the previous two summers at a local family-type recreational facility. Her friends were already swimming like little fish without floatation devises, but she was still unable to float unassisted, let alone swim. Your instructors have covered as much in two lessons as Lily learned in two years from the other facility. But not only that, they make the classes fun, and keep my daughter engaged. She is so proud of herself! We look forward to the classes and I plan to sign Lily and her sister up for future sessions throughout the season. Thank you Sharks & Minnows! Soon my daughter will be swimming like a little fish too!
EC: Valrico

I am amazed and in aw with how wonderful my two children are doing. Two weeks ago I could not get my son to even get his head wet in the bathtub. He would cling on to my husband for dear life in the pool and kick and scream if you got his head wet. He always choked on the water if he went under. It was by shear coincidence that I received a fax at work for Sharks & Minnows around the same time that I decided to start swimming lessons for my children. Now, after only five lessons, my two-year-old jumps in the pool and is swimming from me to my husband unaided. He is gaining his confidence to dive for toys and knows how to hold his breath and how to pull himself out of the pool! You can actually see him smile when he is coming up from the water and he gets all excited when it is time for him to put his head under and swim to me or my husband, or in many cases a toy. I NEVER expected him to be doing so much in such a short time. I only anticipated him learning how to blow bubbles and kick. My fifteen-month-old is just as amazing. She would always “drink the pool” as you say and I was always afraid of her going under because she is so young. Now she will glide under water from a sharks hold for up to ten seconds and not even cough once when she lifts her head out of the water. She just comes up with a big smile. She even started flipping herself over on her own.
RF: Boyton Beach

Both of my children took swimming lessons with Sharks & Minnows last summer, and they were swimming like fish! However, over the course of the winter, my son developed a great fear of the water. When we began swimming again this year, he was so fearful that he wouldn’t even go near the pool. My husband and I had tried everything, and we were at our wits end! At that point my daughter took over. She put toys on the tops step (like she had seen her instructor do last year), and convinced her brother to play with her. He eventually put his feet in. She then got him to blow bubbles in the water with her. The next time we swam she put the toys at the bottom of the pool and let him watch her dive for them. Little by little she encouraged him and we just watched! He eventually started to dive for the toys too. That seemed to push him past the point of fear and he is now swimming again like crazy! His favorite thing to do though is swim to his sister.
KH: Orlando

At the start of our lessons my children were ages four and two. Both were beyond terrified of the water and screamed for most of their private lessons with their instructor. Being that we own a pool, not learning how to swim was not an option. Their instructor had great patience with the boys and soon we were able to make it through a session with just a few outbursts. Both boys graduated to the next level of swimming and last summer they had a different instructor. Again, the private lessons began with much crying. Again, we were blessed with a patient and talented instructor. The boys finished their lessons and were able to join group lessons as their fear of swimming diminished greatly. We now actually enjoy family time in the pool with them. Both of my children will continue their classes with Sharks & Minnows. While we have considered other programs, we return to Sharks & Minnows because of the dedication and training of the teachers. The methods used by the teachers are entertaining to the children and before the child knows it, they are swimming on their own.
DL: Orlando

We did swim classes last year on recommendation of our neighbors and loved it. We couldn’t wait to get started again this summer. We took two sessions last summer and wished we started sooner so we could’ve done them all. This summer we’re doing at least three sessions. My son is almost three and can’t wait to get into the pool each time. In fact, he’s so disappointed when our session is over; sometimes it’s a struggle to get him out of the pool. Since I get in the water with my son and I am being taught how to help him swim we practice in our neighbor’s pool on the days we don’t have class. That’s the biggest benefit of Sharks & Minnows methods of teaching a child how to swim- the parent learns how to do it so they can practice at home. My husband and I take turns with out son so we both know how to help him learn to swim. The instructors are so good with the kids and are so confident in teaching them. My son trusts our instructor and that’s very important. I’ve gotten my other neighbor to start swim lessons with us now too. The kids love showing each other what they’ve learned in class.
BM: Orlando

Last summer my daughter attended the beginner minnow class in Maitland. Prior to signing up for the class we had experienced several occasions where she had been in a pool and something scary happened to her to where she didn’t want to go near the pool again. Once we began the class, she began to feel more comfortable with the pool and actually learned the basics of her swimming. She would really like to attend the advanced minnows course this year to expand her capabilities. The swimming classes she took last year has truly been a blessing to us. She is more confident when it comes to swimming and being around pools.
ST: Maitland